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Hello, and welcome to the Marldon Parish Council website. Through this website Parishioners can access details of the Parish Council business. There are Parish Council notice boards by the shops in Village Road, in Vicarage Hill near Pembroke Park, and at Compton. The main Parish notice board is near the Post Office and will display the minutes of the last meeting and the agenda for the next meeting three clear days before the meeting is due. This information will also be on this website.

Normally the Parish Council meets in the Community Room of the Village Hall on the second Monday of the Month (unless it is a Bank Holiday) at 7.15pm, the first 15 minutes being for members of the public to bring any matters they wish to the attention of Councillors, who may deal with them once the meeting proper starts at 7.30pm. Members of the public, and press, are welcome to observe the Council in session but cannot participate once the meeting proper has started unless standing orders are suspended.

Each year, usually in May, there is an Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in the main hall, when the Chairman reports on the year past and looks forward to the future. The Accounts summary is also presented. Parishioners are able to voice their opinions or concerns during the meeting, and there is usually a guest speaker.

You are welcome to contact myself at any time by phone, mail or E-mail, and a list of Councillors and their contact details are available on this site and on the noticeboards.

If you wish to report a fault connected to Highways you can do this through the Devon County Council website at  https://new.devon.gov.uk/roadsandtransport/report-a-problem/

FINANCE - 2018 / 2019 INTERNAL AUDIT - is now on the Finance Pages.








Statement on behalf of Marldon Parish Council from The Proper Officer (The Clerk)

To confirm and clarify. There have been no proposals put forward for any 'development' at Tor Field or Broomhill Meadow. The fields are owned by the Parish Council and Tor Field is dedicated to Sport and Recreation, Broomhill Meadow has no specific use other than no ball games are permitted or building. Both sites require attention in one form or another.

The Council has merely discussed possible options and recommendations to enhance the sites for the Community. We had very small visuals created to show what the sites could look like and requested suggestions at the Community Involvement Day on Saturday 16th November 2019 which was publicised on the Parish Council Noticeboards, on the Council website and available from the counters of the shops and other locations within the village including the Notice Board outside the Village Hall.

This event was primarily to ask the Community if there were any services they would like to see the Parish Council provide in the coming year as we are about to set the 2020/2021 budget. This is called Participatory Budgeting.

At that event we also said we would like to inform the Community of some of the services we would like to offer. We thought it was a good opportunity to show those visuals which had already been shown at the previous Parish Council meeting. Those visuals are not for publication or dissemination. They were produced purely as the seeds of ideas.

We are no where near a Public Consultation on what might or might not happen at Tor Field or Broomhill Meadow and at this point in time there are no draft proposals other than the Tor Field site is due for refurbishment as much of the equipment and fencing is dated.

We will inform everyone via a house to house leaflet drop, once we have agreed a date and time in the New Year for a Community Day to discuss options for both Tor Field and Broomhill Meadow, but not before we have carried out essential feasibility studies which will dictate what can and cannot be achieved. This will enable us to be in a better position to inform the Community and then request further ideas and suggestions.

The visuals shown on Saturday were there to show the Community that the Parish Council want to be seen to be working towards the needs of the Community - words sometimes are not enough and people need to 'see' that a little bit of thought has actually gone in to trying to achieve certain objectives.

Unfortunately, people have been misinformed of our intentions: 99% of those who attended on Saturday sat and enjoyed open discussions with the Councillors and made many positive suggestions on how the Council could use its Precept during 2020/2021.

The meeting of Monday 18th November 2019 - was the Ordinary Parish Council meeting held every month and the date and agenda is publicised as requested by Law, on the Parish Notice Boards three clear days before the meeting. There was no item on the agenda to discuss Tor Field. We did, however, receive a delegation of members of the public who requested a public consultation on Tor Field. It was explained that we are not in a position to confirm a date at this point in time.

The Community will be fully informed and included once the Parish Council is in a position to formally introduce any draft proposals and visuals and request the valued input of all of Marldon's Community.

Also, for clarity, we will be pursuing grant funding for Tor Field as we would not be using s106 funds, which does not mean we have any confirmed dates etc., these are expressions of interests and eligibility tests at this time. If offered grant funding, we would not have to confirm or receive those funds until the projects were firm proposals with all the required actions having taken place beforehand.

I do hope this goes some way to explain the Parish Council's current position and again add, that unfortunately many people have been misinformed of our intentions.

We always publicise our actions and events, along with the Minutes of Meetings, on our website, www.marldonparishcouncil.org.uk and the Parish Council Notice Boards.

Susie Watt - Clerk (The Proper Officer) & RFO of Marldon Parish Council - Dated: 22nd November 2019

 Clerks Surgery: for December is THURSDAY 5th DECEMBER 2019 @ 6.30pm-7.30pm in the Village Hall Committee Room.


Please read official notice below. This is not a co-option until the official 14 day period where residents (minimun 10) may request an election for the vacant Councillor position. 


MEG Committee Meeting: To be confirmed.



Next Parish Council Meeting MONDAY 16th  DECEMBER 2019 in Marldon Village Hall @ 7.15pm



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