Marldon Environment Group (MEG)

Marldon Environment Group (MEG) are volunteers who work around the Village of Marldon in Devon, keeping the Public Footpaths and Rights of Way tidy for the Villagers to enjoy.  MEG operates under the umbrella of Marldon Parish Council. 

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Marldon Environment Report

Work Carried out in APRIL 2021 

14th April 2021:  The first MEG meet this year possible due to COVID lockdown restrictions being eased enough to allow work to be carried out safely and socially. Six members went to f/p 18, Christmas Tree farm path, and cut the grass from Moorview to Farthing Lane.  Any low branches and bramble etc., over the path were cut back.

 21st April 2021:  Five members went to the Parish Car Park to brush the tarmac, clear back the edges and cut back bramble and brushwood etc., on the Jubilee Meadow Bank.

28th April 2021:   Six members went to the Preston Down Road underpass to clear back the footpath edges and clean the path.  The drainage covers were lifted and the sumps dug out. Overhanging branches and bramble were cut back.  The grass verge from the underpass to Mayfield College was mowed and the road verge cleared of a build-up of mud and stones.

In addition to the above work, various members have been out during the month to clear drains, make safe slippery paths and make safe damaged sites.

This month over 34 hours of voluntary work has been carried out by members of MEG. 

Cllr. Gordon Page - Chairman 



14th Aug : -

Due to wet weather and unavailability no work was carried out.

21st Aug:-

Six members went to f/p 18 and mowed and strimmed from Moorview to Farthing Lane. Some branches, which were deemed a hazard were removed from a tree growing over the f/p from the Christmas Tree Farm. Robin and I went to see the site manager in regard to removing further heavy branches which overgrow the f/p at a low level and are deemed potentially dangerous to mounted users or in windy weather. He agreed to have site workers make it safe.

28th Aug:-

Seven members went to Smallwell Lane to trim back the overgrown banks on either side from Moorview to Farthing Lane.

4th Sept:-

Seven members went to F/p 13 to lay some donated gravel on worn areas of the footpath. The lower path edges were mowed and the extensive overgrowth cut back and the drainage ditches cleared out.

Dave Berlyn has cut Broomhill Meadow and the Bridal Path. He reported that it was much easier to access the edges since MEG has trimmed tree branches back, but some more work still required in places.

Steve Holley has been busy this month mowing most of the grass verges and seating areas around the village.

This month over 40hrs of voluntary work has been carried out.



Marldon Environment Report

Work carried out this month: July 2019

10th July : -

Five members went to Vicarage Road to trim back the overgrowth on the side of the pedestrian footpath and clear back weeds and ivy growing on the tarmac. Two members trimmed back low growing tree branches over the Broomhill Bridleway which were obstructing the grass cutting tractor. One member litter picked round the village.

17th July:-

One member mowed the sides of the Bridle path verges. Two members litter picked. Several members were not available due to other engagements. The road drain on Chapel Hill was dug out and cleared to enable water from a burst main to flow down it instead of flowing across Village Road.

24th/ 31st July:-

A concerted effort was made by five members to clear back the overgrowth down the full length of the Preston Down underpass over two sessions. The verges were cleared of brambles and weeds etc. and mowed. Overhanging branches were cut back and the drains were dug out and cleaned. One member weeded the footpath from Vicarage Road to the back of Nether Meadow.

7th Aug:-

Four members went to replace a rotted gate post to the gate from Vicarage Hill to F/P 13. This entailed digging down over two feet to extract the stump, fitting and concreting a new post and rebuilding a support fence, refitting various footpath signs and resitting the dog waste bin. Two members mowed and trimmed the bottom half of the footpath and one member mowed the paths round Broomhill.

This month over 50 hours of voluntary work has been carried out excluding manning of an information stall at the Apple Pie Fayre and time taken to service machines, tools and make various brackets, connectors and bits and pieces to enable the works to be carried out.

G Page