🢇 URGENT! - new Public Consultation Document for the playpark regeneration plans





UPDATE: Heras safety fencing is now in place to protect the public from any danger or injury resulting in gaining unauthorised access to the Play Park. To confirm, the Play Park is closed as some of the equipment is deemed dangerous, other pieces of equipment have health & safety concerns and the fencing is also a health & safety risk, not least from the recent vandalism.  We do have a crime reference number if anybody has any information regarding the damage. 

URGENT UPDATE: 26/10/2020  - CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO FENCING AT TORFIELD PLAY PARK has been reported to the Police. This damage occurred between 2.30pm on Friday 23 October 2020 and 4pm on Sunday 25th October 2020 when the damage was reported.

Safety Fencing is being erected between 8.30am and 10.30am approximately tomorrow, 27 October 2020.  

Please be careful if walking through Torfield with your dogs off their leads or little ones running ahead of you as there will be vehicular movement between those times via the access gate at Ipplepen Road. 

URGENT UPDATE 24/10/2020


Please note - the danger tape has been removed from the play equipment as this has been identified as a health & safety issue due to people consistently gaining access to the Play Park even though being requested not to do so. The public gate entrance has been deliberately trashed i.e. someone has taken down the danger tape wrapped around the gate to stop admission, furthermore, some of the Danger signs have also been removed, this would have involved the use of a knife or scissors and would not appear to be the actions of children or youth.

The Parish Council are requesting if anyone has any information regarding this or has seen anyone entering the play park or indeed, looking at the Play equipment (other than on Friday 23 October 2020), could they please inform the Clerk on 0770 770 9390 or email: clerk@marldonparishcouncil.org.uk.

The gate has now been chained and padlocked and new signage is being produced. We please urgently, request that NO PERSON/S, other than Parish Council personnel or Contractors, authorised by the Parish Council only, enter the Play Park at this time.

There are play items which could cause injury and you will be accessing those items and the play park at your own risk. Any further breach of access onto Parish Council owned land could be regarded as unauthorised access and safety fencing will be installed at an unnecessary cost to the Public if the Parish Council's requests continue to be ignored.


URGENT UPDATE 23/09/20:  Certain items of play equipment are in the process of being removed from the Play Park for storage but more importantly for added safety concerns.  We have had reports that children are being lifted over the fence to access some areas of play.  There have been DANGER DO NOT USE signs posted on the fence since January 2020. The padlock and cable ties have been 'removed' from the public access gate by someone other than a representative or authorisation from the Parish Council.  The Padlock is being replaced. Therefore, please take note, that Marldon Parish Council will accept no liability for injury or otherwise to any person entering the Play Park. If you require further information, please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

UPDATE: 15/09/20: Just one of the wonderful emails we have received regarding Torfield Play Park - 

Attention Clerk to the Parish Council,

I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks onto the members of the Parish Council for the exciting plans and proposals for the playing field at Tor Meadow. It is so good to see that there is finally going to be a wonderful facility for the children in the village and that a hugely outdated play area is going to be replaced with something that will last for years to come - lots of people are talking about it and we are all looking forward to the work getting started, although of course we appreciate the small matter of a pandemic may have delayed things for a short while.

I will be at the zoom meeting this evening and look forward to seeing what progress has been made and hopefully to hear details of a start date ??. Please do feel free to read my email out at your next meeting.
Forgot to say - of course we would support such a small increase in Council tax for this reason, I have also spoken with family members in the village and all agree it would be a very small amount of money well spent! 
All best wishes.

More email comments to follow on the Torfield Play Park Page

 UPDATE: 11 SEPTEMBER 2020.  Please keep watching as updated news is coming soon. 

UPDATE: 31/07/2020 - Exciting news, the design plans have now been received and are currently with our Web Design company waiting to be uploaded to the TORFIELD PLAY PARK PAGE. There will an opportunity to respond via a comments link on that page. 

UPDATE 01.07.20 - TORFIELD PLAYPARK: Will remain closed due to Health & Safety Issues and will remain closed until the regeneration can be completed. The delay, as we are sure you aware, is out of our control. However, we hope to be in a position over the next month or so to have some outline designs in place, once potential Contractors are in a position to access the site.  UPDATE: Contractors have been on site to access, measure and submit plans and costings, we should have these within the next couple of weeks.  First couple of draft plans have been received and look fabulous.  We hope to be able to put them on the website in the very near future.

We are still unable to hold full Parish Council meetings, however, we are now investigating the possibility of holding 'virtual' meetings in the very near future.  - ALL ENQUIRIES IN THE FIRST INSTANCE SHOULD GO TO THE CLERK ON 0770 770 9390 or EMAIL clerk@marldonparishcouncil.org.uk 

MARLDON/COMPTON PARISH CORONAVIRUS COMMUNITY CARE HUB is still operational - Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers and our Co-Ordinators.  We have received many letters and emails fo thanks. If you require any help or advice please use the telephone numbers on the Postcard above.


Hello, and welcome to the Marldon Parish Council website. Through this website Parishioners can access details of the Parish Council business. There are Parish Council notice boards by the shops in Village Road, in Vicarage Hill near Pembroke Park, and at Compton. The main Parish notice board is near the Post Office and will display the minutes of the last meeting and the agenda for the next meeting three clear days before the meeting is due. This information will also be on this website.

Normally the Parish Council meets in the Community Room of the Village Hall on the second Monday of the Month (unless it is a Bank Holiday) at 7.15pm, the first 15 minutes being for members of the public to bring any matters they wish to the attention of Councillors, who may deal with them once the meeting proper starts at 7.30pm. Members of the public, and press, are welcome to observe the Council in session but cannot participate once the meeting proper has started unless standing orders are suspended.

Each year, usually in May, there is an Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in the main hall, when the Chairman reports on the year past and looks forward to the future. The Accounts summary is also presented. Parishioners are able to voice their opinions or concerns during the meeting, and there is usually a guest speaker.

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FINANCE - 2019 / 2020 INTERNAL AUDIT - has been official postponed. The year end accounts and AGAR (Governance statement) will be published 30th September 2020.






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Please note that questions should be related to Agenda Items only. Many thanks 

The Parish Council are encouraged that an election will be held next May to fill the two vacant Councillor seats, we hope that this will encourage new and young blood to consider becoming candidates for the role of Councillor for your Parish. The Parish Council will be looking to hold 'virtual' Introductions to Local Council in the very near future which we hope will provide some basic information and guidance to the roles within Local Government. If you are interested in attending (free) please inform the clerk. We look forward to hearing from you'

The election will not be held until May 2021.  Please do not contact the Clerk for information and details or to request nomination papers until MARCH 2021 when the election timetable commences.  




@ 7.15pm 

NOTE: The Parish Council voted in favour of reinstating the Public Forum. Please see PUBLIC FORUM/VIRTUAL MEETING PROTOCOL IN OUR DOCUMENTS SECTION. 

If you have any queries or questions to be considered for this meeting please submit these in writing/email: clerk@marldonparishcouncil.org.uk by Monday 7th December 2020 for consideration in the Correspondence section.

NOTE: Access details for this meeting will be available from 5pm on this website on the day of the meeting.  



The Parish Council has had to close Torfield Playpark due to health & safety issues.  It is regrettable, however, the safety of the kiddies using the equipment and the area is the Parish Council’s main priority.

The PlayPark has been in need of maintenance and upgrading for many years. Most of the equipment is dated and the whole area unfit for purpose; the closure is seen as the ideal opportunity to regenerate the PlayPark to a high standard and provide a much needed resource for the children of the Village.

Whilst the Parish Council does have access to s106 funds, there would always have to be match-funding sought via Grants or other financial options.  The regeneration of the PlayPark is not a quick fix, it will take some months, however, it is hoped that the Parish Council will be able to instruct the regeneration in the very near future. We are hugely aware that there is no where for the kiddies to play at the moment and we are working hard to get the Playpark up and running as soon physically possible.

The Parish Council is actively obtaining quotes and plans for the PlayPark and whilst it is hugely disappointing, the PlayPark will remain closed until the upgrade is completed.  Marldon will then have a wonderful space for its young children. 

It is envisaged that the PlayPark area will be levelled off into two sections, a lower section for the 0 – 5 year olds, with a pathway for prams and disabled access and a higher level for the 6 -12year olds, and a picnic area with tables and seats in the middle.

There will be new fencing to secure the PlayPark.

As soon as the plans have been received and confirmed, they will be published on the Parish Council Website and on boards near the PlayPark. Residents in the immediate vicinity will be informed of start and end dates and it is hoped there will be minimal disruption.

Any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk. Email: clerk@marldonparishcouncil.org.uk or telephone 0770 770 9390







Torfield, Broomhill Meadow & Jubilee Meadow. The Parish Council are pleased to announce it will hold a Public Consultation regarding the upgrading of the above Council owned sites.  The Consultation will commence as soon as feasibly possible, we need to ensure that everyone is involved and can return their completed forms - if there is another lockdown those who do not have access to computers would not be able to post the forms back to us.  The Consultation will take the form of a delivered leaflet to each property, an online Consultation and an Open Day - the latter cannot be arranged yet due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.  


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Parish Council has not produced any other consultation - if you have seen Notices around the Village, these have been created  by someone not associated with the Parish Council and without the Parish Councils authorisation.  Once we have all the information in place all our Notices will be headed MARLDON PARISH COUNCIL and signed off by the Clerk.


Please note, that ALL correspondence for the Council should be emailed to the Parish Council's Address not to individual Councillors addresses. Many thanks. (see CONTACT DETAILS)



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