Public Consultation Result

Marldon Parish Council would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent Public Consultation, we have had a great response from the Community.

Here are the results and some graphical analysis.





Total responses                   164

YES to all 3 questions         134

NO  to all 3 questions            21

NO to PWL only                    30     (PWL= Public Works Loan)





Total 88 names (76 in the Card shop  +  12 Parish Council Postbox.  Nil in Compton postbox)

YES to all 3 questions           73

NO  to all 3 questions            13

NO to PWL only                    15


(2 ‘spoilt’ votes} 1 accusing the Council of corruption (included in the NO to All). 1 stating the public consultation is not a public consultation - not included as no boxes selected.


TOTAL RESPONSES               252


TOTAL YES TO ALL                207

TOTAL NO TO ALL                   34

TOTAL NO to PWL only           45


For clarity.  Some Paper Responses had 2 names i.e. Mr & Mrs etc.

Only those names listed on the Electoral Register have been counted i.e. no children under 18 have been included.


Those who answered NO only to the PWL but answered YES to the Play Park cost and going ahead have not yet been analysed - these will be published within the charts.  



The preliminary results are 82.8% in favour 13.8% against.