The Design Plans for Torfield Play Park have now been received and uploaded on this page (Scroll Down).  The COMMENTS SECTION at the end of the Plan 3 gives you the opportunity to select the design you think most appropriate along with suggestions and ideas.  There is also a tick box to register your support for Marldon Parish Council's application to the Public Works Loan scheme to help us raise some of the funds required. We would like to thank you all for your support so far, now comes the hard work of getting the monies in place. NOTE: This comments section is relative to the Play Park only.

 There will be another page specifically highlighting some of the Fundraising Events and Actions you could possibly take to help us by Sponsoring certain pieces of equipment. We hope to have this page up and running early next week. 

We will need to raise quite a bit of money as the design costs range from £80,000 to £175,000 and whilst we do have some s106 funds to access for this project, it would never have been enough on its own, plus those funds are for all Recreational, Leisure and Sports facilities in the Parish. We are actively looking at funding for the park together with the Public Works Loan.  Plus we will be putting together some exciting Fundraising events (socially distanced and online of course) which we hope the Parish will become actively involved in.

We would like to thank those of you who have already emailed in your support and suggestions and offers of help with fundraising.   This is a really exciting time for the Village and the Parish Council are completely committed to providing the Parish's children with an exceptional Play Park in which they can play happily and safely.  

NOTE FOR CLARIFICATION: £170,000 s106 funds currently sit with South Hams District Council - the Parish Council have applied for £41,000 to assist with the cliff face repair of Torfield; the whole field itself would have been closed for health and safety reasons if this repair had not happened. The Parish Council are still waiting for those funds to be released) There is a further £24,000 of s106 funds allocated to Torfield and Jubilee Meadow from another Development within the Parish. These funds are not yet available. The allocation of s106 funds is made by South Hams District Council along with the Portfolio Holder (a District Councillor) and the Ward Councillor. It is not allocated by the Parish Council. 

 Here are the indicative costings and comparisons: (note: the costings do not necessarily relate to the Plans below)

Basic Costing Comparisons from the three submitted tenders


* Contractor 1. Total Costings £61,010.00

Groundworks: No Quote. Railings: No Quote. No retention of specified play equipment. Installation charge. Delivery Charge. Client (us) to unload all new equipment. No provision for removal of waste. No installation Report or making good of grassed areas on completion.

Play Equipment: x 14 pieces £14,800 (no games tables) 

Safety Surfaces as required by Law: Bark, rubber wet pour £36,545.

Delivery charge £420. Removal of initial waste £580. Site security Panels whilst installing £690. Posts for Play Boards £250. Installation cost £7,725 NOTE: additional cost would be the Groundworks and the railings.

** Contractor 2. Total Costings £110,516.00

Inclusive of Groundworks: £71,428.00 Essential to level and extend play areas on both lower and upper levels. Access Pathway for disabled, prams & pushchairs. Includes removal of waste, storage of retained equipment: wooden climbing frame, roundabout, swing seats. Disposal of all old equipment and debris.

Railings: £4,776 (one public access gate, one maintenance gate)

Play Equipment: x 9 pieces £21,652.00

Safety Surfaces as required by Law. Bark, rubber wet pour £11,248

Delivery Charge: £1,412

No games tables, no provision to retain swings. Client (us) to unload all equipment. No Installation Report

*** Contractor 3. Total Costings £173,337.00

Inclusive of all Groundworks: £16,639.00 levelling, disposal of waste, storage of retained equipment. Removal and disposal of old equipment.

Railings: £12,123 Industry standard and Play Park specified. Includes 2 x hydraulic public access gates. I x hydraulic maintenance gate.

Play Equipment: x 40 pieces £58,164

Safety Surfaces: Bark, Rubber wet pour for all areas, Path in yellow. £84,441—this cost can be lowered, by reducing the Yellow Brick Road to just reaching up to the top level instead of going all the way around. Also, using tarmac on the Path instead of the Safety surface wet pour. This cost could be reduced to half.

Delivery Charge: Included and off loading

Installation Charge: Included

Installation Report: Making good all areas on completion all required site equipment. £1,970


Torfield Play Park:   A long awaited upgrade/regeneration of an area which has seen very little investment for a number of years. The current equipment is jaded and in fact, the frame of the swings is dangerous and could snap at any time, the rocking horse springs have perished and could snap at anytime, the SeeSaw is ancient. The Roundabout will stay as will the wooden climbing frame on the top level, everything else will go. Please bear with us whilst this page is being created and also bear with the Council whilst it puts the funds in place to ensure this can happen and happen as soon as possible.

We have said over the past 8 months at least that the kiddies of Marldon need a play area to be proud of, where Mums, Dads, Grans & Grandads can go and push a pushchair around the whole area and where those in wheelchairs can also gain access and around the whole area and play on the play boards which will be scattered around the edge of the Yellow Brick Road (the path). The Middle section will have picnic tables and benches, the tables will be games tables and possibly a shelter for those rainy days or hot sunny days when a bit of shade is required.  There will be a story telling area with a Throne Chair for the Story teller and benches to sit around and listen.  These are just 'ideas' some of which have been taken from talking to the Pre-school and some parents, we now would like to hear from all users of the Play Park and would request support for this huge project, which will result in an area to be proud of and in which the kiddies of Marldon can play safely and happily.  

Play Park Crowdfunding Picture

we must regenerate now and provide the children of the Parish a Play Park to be proud of.

PLAN 1: School Plan - Marldon Park

School Plan Marldon Park

PLAN 2: Kompan - First Draft

Komplan - First Draft Page 1

 Komplan - First Draft Page 2

 Komplan - First Draft Page 3


PLAN 3: Rhino Play Plan

Rhino Play Plan 01

Rhino Play Plan 02

Rhino Play Plan 03

Rhino Play Plan 04

Rhino Play Plan 05

Rhino Play Plan 06

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